our story

TITANIO is a full-service Digital Marketing & Creative Agency with offices in Miami and Rio de Janeiro. Our mission is to be our clients' digital marketing experts by delivering a customized yet engineered approach that combines creativity & design with data and technology.

We’ve started in 2009 in Rio de Janeiro, focused on social media. We landed our first few projects, motivated by our obsession for digital marketing, we knew the future that lied ahead would be exciting and rewarding.

The Titanium name was inspired due to its metal elements: Light, strong, very robust and extremely versatile. These are the keys for the best Digital Marketing Communication Strategy.

We understand our business. Our clients business is our own business and our core. We want to reinvent clients way of communicate and the way they communicate with their clients.

Our strength comes from our expertise in digital marketing and from our very dynamic team. We are a “digital” oriented team, highly organized and focused on your goals and needs for growth. Our understanding is that, technology might be seen as a tool to achieve an expected communication result.

When it comes time for you to emerge into the Digital Marketing industry, we are your rock. We will be a part of your Marketing Team and will assist you in the plan of your roll out activities. We will transform your Digital Communication to achieve results in alignment with your macro Marketing Plan.